Services I Offer

people smilingConsultation: This is either a brief phone or brief face to face consultation to explore compatibility and ability to address service needs.


A 90 Minute session during which a psychosocial assessment tool is used to gather background information from the client(s) for the purpose of making the best treatment recommendation, setting mutually agreed goals and making preliminary diagnoses. The assessment is typically concluded in one session but may extend to a second session if necessary.

Individual Counseling:

A series of 45-50 minute sessions during which the client may discuss issues they feel most urgent. The session may be directed, but typically the client sets the agenda. In our work, many theoretical perspectives may be used depending on goals and needs.

Family Counseling :

A series of private 50 minute sessions that address issues the family has agreed to explore. These sessions are more directed than others and pre-established rules are very strictly adhered to in order to be heard and establish respect.

Each session reviews goals that need to be achievable and realistic.

Parent Coaching:

A series of 50-60 minute private sessions for parents. These sessions can focus on positive parenting solutions and psycho-education approaches. Coaching services include limited email support and weekly homework via a private client only website. Many common goals of parenting is effective communication, establishing appropriate consequences for misbehavior, follow through action, dealing with guilt, time balance are among our themes. This service will not be covered by insurance companies. The average length of treatment 2-5 months.

Adolescent/ College Coaching:

A series of 50-60 minute private sessions for Adolescents or College Students. These sessions can be done via FaceTime, phone or in-person. These sessions focus on self esteem, bullying, risky sexual behavior, risky drug experimenting behavior, test taking anxiety, social media etiquette, academic pressures, explore talents and identified major compatibility, independent living stages. Coaching services include limited email support and weekly homework assignment via a private client only website.

Online therapy/ Face Time: Please call to determine compatibility of this service. Please be aware, this service may or may not be covered by most health insurance plans. Also not everyone is right for this service.

Teen Support Groups: A series of support meetings encourage social skills, motivate, teach empathy and challenge “am I alone in this” syndrome.

Workshops: I teach too! I use the, iSEENOW© series, created by me. These are psycho-educational workshops and awareness builders.

While working with these incredible teens and young adults I was privileged to witness them identify, explore and safely navigate pivotal issues during their time with me.

During this period, I witnessed so much growth and awareness that I wanted others to benefit from this knowledge.

This is why I created several fun and awareness provoking workshops that can evoke problem solving skills, personal insight and support.

Some of these workshops include:

-Anatomy of a boyfriend/ Anatomy of a partner (relationships, abuse, love)

-Alone but together (Parent child relationships, romantic partner relationships)

-I love me I love me not (self esteem)

-My skinny chin chin (body image)

-Oh snap, I think I picked the wrong major (college level, entry job level)

-To name a few. Contact me directly for more details or tailor your own workshop.

-“Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you cannot help them, at least do not hurt them”- Dalai Lama