Feeling helpless in terms of how to support your teen?

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Do you feel they may be in some emotional pain, maybe depression or have anxiety? But you do not know how to help them? Does your teen often say “ I dunno, my emotions just suck”? Is your teen under extreme academic, performance and relationship pressures. Do they feel YOU, as their parents are a pressure?

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This is how I can support your teen

How I can help your teen

  • Helping them understand and explaining developmental changes and behaviors
  • Teaching them how to solve problems ad problem solve
  • Clarify exactly what they need and feel
  • Reframe their sense of “lack of control”
  • Teach them to have more self love, empathy and patience with themselves and others
  • Enhancing communication styles with their families
  • Finding alternative responses to social pressures and finding support

This is where we begin…
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This is what clients are saying

“When I found Carolyn, I was at my wits end. I felt my kids were taking advantage of me worse than my ex husband. I sometimes did not even want to come home. I came to Carolyn because my primary care physician said I should.

Once I was able to figure out where I was in my life. I was able to see why I was having so many negative symptoms. With more understanding of my behavior, many of the symptoms became less intense. I found understanding my behavior and thinking had a lot to do with how I was feeling. The parenting guilt did not disappear but it also didn’t control me anymore.”

-Single mother of 3 preteen children.

“You, yourself as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve love and affection”- Buddha